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End Social Isolation One Click At A Time

Sign up your school today and join the campaign to end social isolation online!

Watch for our transition this fall to our new name - Be Kind Online - Beyond Differences’ Positive Prevention Initiative to end social isolation online one click at a time!

Make the Internet a safer and more welcome place.

Call It Out, a Positive Prevention Initiative brought to you by Beyond Differences, is a curriculum, a campaign, and a special in-school event designed to create and nurture healthy relationships online. Call It Out brings the issue of digital gossip and online social isolation to everyone’s awareness. Students learn how to spot social isolation in the online environment, how to respond to digital gossip, and how to be authentic and true to themselves online. Also, students will learn new ways to connect with others and be leaders in ending social isolation online.

Join the campaign to end social isolation online. Sign your school up today!

Call It Out supports students as they learn to be authentic and compassionate online. Students will be challenged to think about whether their online behaviors match their real-life personalities. Our three Positive Prevention Initiatives – No One Eats Alone, Know Your Classmates and now Call It Out – aim to change the culture of middle school to one of acceptance and inclusion.

This program is provided free of cost. All of the resources needed come digitally online including curriculum, presentations and worksheets.

Sign up today!