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End Social Isolation One Click At A Time

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About Call it Out

Call It Out is a curriculum, a campaign and a special in-school event designed to create and nurture healthy relationships online. Call It Out brings the issue of digital gossip and online social isolation to everyone’s awareness. Students learn how to spot social isolation in the online environment, how to respond to digital gossip and how to authentically be themselves online. Students will learn new ways to connect with others and be leaders in ending social isolation online.

Call It Out day is a Positive Prevention Initiative brought to you by Beyond Differences to support students as they learn to be authentic and compassionate online. Students will be challenged to think about whether their online behaviors match their real-life personality. Like No One Eats Alone Day in the lunch room, Call It Out Day aims to change the culture of middle school to one of acceptance and inclusion online.

About Beyond Differences

Beyond Differences was founded by the parents of Lili Smith who was born with a cranial facial syndrome and was socially isolated during her middle school years. After Lili died at the age of 15 due to medical complications from her syndrome, a group of teens from the local community banded together to bring change to their local schools. They had not realized that they had been leaving Lili out from all the fun social get-togethers. But upon hearing about Lili's feelings of being left out, they were determined to never let anyone feel that way again!

Beyond Difference’s core principle is to inspire and empower students to end social isolation in middle school through online and campus programs. We work directly with students – with the support of their teachers and administrators – because they are the real activists who can ensure acceptance and inclusion of one another. We are passionately focused on supporting youth in this process of making their middle schools more socially inclusive and less socially isolating.

We are thrilled that you are joining Beyond Differences in this mission. Thank you!